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Data Base Model

first post: njarma wrote: I would like to know how was defined the data base model

latest post: rufusus wrote: Can you please add link(s) on some sample persistence layer(s) comp...

Source repository upgraded to GIT

first post: heathfrankel wrote: Please note that the SVN repository has been migrated to a git repo...

Status of this project

first post: jonathanvale wrote: Hello, Is this project still going to be maintained?

latest post: jonathanvale wrote: Heath, Sounds good. Looking forward to it! Jonathan

openEHR prototype

first post: JoseSilva wrote: Hi, I recently started to study openEHR and the next step is to i...

Interested in this project

first post: Eu_UY wrote: Hi, I'm personally interested in health care software and specifica...

latest post: heathfrankel wrote: Two ways I suggest you can try, use the Operational Template XML ou...

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