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Project Description
openEHR.NET is a C# implementation of openEHR ( Reference Model (RM) and Archetype Model (AM) specifications (Release 1.0.1).
It allows you to build openEHR applications by composing RM objects, validate against AM objects and serialise to/from XML.

The GastrOS - openEHR based Endoscopy Application is an example of a Windows application that uses openEHR Archetypes, Templates and openEHR.NET to capture, validate, persist and display clincial information using the openEHR Reference Model.

This project has been initially contributed by Ocean Informatics Pty Ltd. The project continues to be under development and may change without notice.

Documentation, unit tests and/or sample application will provided in due course.

The openEHR Release 1.0.1 specifications can be found at

The project uses a the following third-party source code or assemblies:

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